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SmugMug downloader

I've modified a shell script I found on Tech Life of Recht to download my Pictures from SmugMug. You can download your entire gallery with the second script or just one album with the first. It uses MD5Sum to check the hash of existing files before downloading them, so you can periodically run it to backup your pictures without wasting bandwidth.


  • Files that have duplicate filenames will cause the script to download both but only save one
  • Expand it into a full sync up/down
  • Handle video (currently skips videos)
  • DONE: Store files in named Category/Subcategory/Album Name directories instead of AlbumID
  • DONE: Fix for the SmugMug URL Privacy Key added on Feb 8 2008
  • DONE: Options to list albums (-A) and list files (-L) by Robert Krawitz
  • DONE: Compatibility fixes in the download logic for OpenSolaris

  • [file:1] - Downloads an Album from SmugMug
  • [file:2] - Downloads all Albums from SmugMug (in conjunction with
  • [file:3] - Creates a mapping of Album ID to Category/SubCategory/Album Name
  • [file:4] - Uses to create human readable directory structure

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